1 Peter 4:10  New Living Translation (NLT)

10 God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.
History of Good News Clubs in Glynn County

September 2007:  A Good News Club began in Glynn County.

October 2010:  9 members of SSCC home group attended a CEF ministry briefing in Charleston, SC.  During that weekend, we felt the Lord convicting us to begin praying for the children of Glynn County, and that God would begin preparing minds and hearts to be open to the challenge of reaching out to the children in our community with the gospel through Good News Clubs.

May 2011:   CEF staff came to meet with potential volunteers and church partners to build awareness.   We continued to pray that God would raise up those with a burden for the children and the desire to impact God’s Kingdom.

Early 2012 Pastor of SSCC challenged church members, specifically home groups, to reach out to the community and to begin praying about how each home group could do missions together.
Our home group began praying.  God’s call to begin a Good News Club became very apparent.  By September 2012, nineteen individuals signed up and received training through CEF of Georgia. 

October 2012:  Second GNC opened up in Glynn County

January 2013:  Parents and teachers from two local elementary schools expressed interest in starting Good News clubs in their schools.  They recruited enough volunteers to be trained and were successful in opening up GNCs in these two schools.

February 2013:  Due to the enormous response in one of the schools (100 children attended the first GNC meeting), more volunteers were recruited and trained so that we were able to add a club to that school which accommodated 50 children in grades K - 1, and 50 children in grades 2 - 5).

Summer of 2013:  Churches were visited and contacts were made.

September 2013:  Training for new volunteers and returnees was provided.  Good News Clubs opened up in 8 out of 10 schools in Glynn County, as well as a Saturday club at a local ministries center.

August 2014:  A Coastal Georgia Chapter of CEF was formally chartered.  A Board of Directors was appointed to oversee the operations of Good News Clubs in Coastal Georgia, including Glynn, McIntosh, Camden, Liberty and Long Counties.  A full-time Coordinator was hired, along with a part-time ministry development coordinator.

October 2014:  Additional volunteers were recruited and trained, making it possible to begin Good News Clubs in our last two elementary schools in Glynn County by November.

In November 2014, we began to reach out to churches in Camden, McIntosh, Liberty and Long counties.

We presently have approximately 116 volunteers helping out at 11 sites.  Sixteen (16) churches provide volunteers.  Funding for GNCs is provided by 8 of the 16 churches and 4 private donors.    Approximately 400 children are being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ weekly.  Other churches are beginning to express interest..

In 2015, we had contact with 514 children and 86 professions of faith (Glynn County only). We trained 41 volunteers in October and December (August training was recorded by state).

In 2016, we had contact with 687 children and 72 professions of faith (includes a 3 day club in Haiti and a Backyard Bible Club in Glynn County). We also opened a club in McIntosh County!. We trained 143 volunteers.

In 2017, we had contact with 593 children and 53 professions of faith (Glynn County and McIntosh County with the host church being FBC Darien)- for a total of 12 Good News Clubs

We also recorded the following data for 2017: